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Anonymous OV-chipkaart

The anonymous card is not personalised. So you cannot put subscriptions on the card. You can use the anonymous card with more people, but not at the same time. If you occasionally travel by public transport or if you do not want to disclose your personal details, the anonymous OV-chipkaart is probably suitable for you.

You can attach the anonymous card(s) to your OV-chip account just like the personal card. You can then view your trips and create a declaration overview. With an anonymous card you can also create a declaration overview without an account.

An anonymous OV-chipkaart has fewer options than a personal card. So you are unable to:

  • have your balance topped up automatically;
  • use subscriptions;
  • use age discount;
  • block the card if it is lost or stolen. You will also not get the remaining balance back.

Because the anonymous card has already been produced, you can buy the card immediately and travel with it. Find a point of sale nearby or order the card online at OVshop. The anonymous card is valid for five years from the date of manufacture.

Has the card expired? Then you just buy a new one. Is there still a balance on your expired anonymous card? Request this balance back via our tool.

Would you like to receive a notification when your anonymous OV-chipkaart expires? Then sign up for the email service.