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Terms and conditions

Anyone applying for an OV-chipkaart accepts the General Terms and Conditions for use of the OV-chipkaart as part of this process. You can download, consult or print the full version of these terms and condition.

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all OV-chipkaarts distributed by Trans Link Systems B.V. in Amersfoort (Translink). If you have any questions after reading these, please contact OV-chipkaart Customer Service. The General Terms and Conditions for Provision of Paid Information Services (pdf, Dutch) (AV CZ/84) drawn up by the NVI - Industry Association for Paid Content in cooperation with the Dutch consumer organisation (Consumentenbond), apply to services provided through this information number.

Complaints procedure

Customer Services OV-chipkaart wants you to be satisfied with the service and will do everything to handle your complain satisfactorily. If necessary, the services and (internal) processes will be adapted. Download complaints procedure Customer Services OV-chipkaart (pdf).


Below, you will find a short summary of the most important terms and conditions for the personal OV-chipkaart, such as card ownership and liability. This summary is meant to clarify the general terms and is not exhaustive. Only the text of the general terms and conditions is legally binding.

Issuer, card holder and public transport company

Three parties are involved in the use of the OV-chipkaart:

  • The issuer and owner of the smart card: Translink
  • The card holder: the smart card user
  • The public transport company that enables the card holder to travel using the OV-chipkaart.


The card holder only has the right of use; Translink is the smart card owner. The card holder is responsible for the correct use of the smart card and must report loss or theft via 'My OV-chip' on this website, or to the OV-chipkaart Customer Service department as soon as possible by telephone, 0900-0980 (local phone cost). Translink is allowed to terminate the right of use of a specific card.

Use of personal data

Refer to the TLS privacy policy.

Travel products

When you use a public transport company’s travel products, such as a season ticket, the public transport company’s separate product terms and conditions are also applicable. The public transport company’s privacy policy can also be applicable. The public transport company’s terms and conditions apply to the transportation itself. If you travel with NS Reizigers B.V. (NS) the NS General Transport Terms and Conditions apply. If you travel with one of the other operators, the Urban and Regional Transport General Terms and Conditions apply. You can also ask your operator for these terms and conditions. These will be sent to you free of charge on request.

Refund of your e-purse

You no longer wish to travel using the e-purse? In that case, you can reclaim your e-purse at a counter of a public transport company. If your e-purse is more than € 30, you have to terminate your OV-chipkaart in order to reclaim your money. This will be transferred to your bankaccount.

Changes and additions

If and when Translink implements changes to its services, instructions or terms and conditions, the change will be announced. If you disagree with these changes you have 30 days to inform Translinkin writing. Your OV-chipkaart will be blocked within ten calendar days after receipt of your letter.

Automatic reloading

Separate general terms and conditions apply to the OV-chipkaart automatic reload of your OV-chipkaart. These terms and conditions can also be downloaded, displayed or printed: General terms and conditions for Automatic reload (pdf).

Order Terms and Conditions

If you apply for a personal OV-chipkaart on this website the Order Terms and Conditions apply on your application. These terms can conditions can also be downloades, displayed or printed: Order Terms and Conditions of Trans Link Systems B.V. (pdf).