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Explanation OV-chip account

With an OV-chip account you can view your public transport travel history, for example. You can also use a number of services. You can report your OV-chipkaart lost or stolen and apply for a new card. You can also order credit or apply for automatic reloading.

You will be able to view

  • where and when you travelled and whether you checked in and out successfully;
  • the credit on your OV-chipkaart;
  • which products, such as automatic reloading, passes and discount products, are on your card;
  • which orders are waiting to be loaded onto your card;
  • card information, such as when the card expires and the status of your card.

What else can you manage online?

  • creating an overview of your journeys to declare travel expenses;
  • blocking and replacing your OV-chipkaart is you have lost it;
  • applying for a new OV-chipkaart if your card has expired or is broken;
  • ordering and paying for credit for your card;
  • changing your contact details and your login details;
  • applying for, changing or terminating automatic reloading.

Frequently Asked Questions