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Creating a strong and unique password

Cyber criminals target everything that has value, including your personal data. Because the security of your personal data is our top priority, we inform you here about the importance of a strong and unique password.

Why do I need a strong and unique password?

A strong password is important because it prevents others from guessing your password. In addition to having a strong password, it is also important to have a unique password.

In the unlikely event that your username and password from one online account ends up with malicious parties, it is important that these details cannot be used to log in to other online accounts. You can prevent this by using a unique password for every online account you create.

Tips for a strong password

1. Use passwords of at least 10 characters. Longer is better than complex.

2. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

3. Avoid obvious passwords, such as names or dates of birth.

4. Use a different password for each website or account.

5. Change your password regularly, including your email account password.

The security and confidentiality of your data with OV-chipkaart is guaranteed by our privacy policy.

Security of our website

1. We use security software to recognize and prevent any misuse of your online OV-chip account.

2. Are you using wrong login details? Then we will temporarily block access to your account after a number of attempts.

3. Our fraud specialists keep an eye on the latest developments. Where necessary, they take additional measures to protect your online OV-chip accounts.

4. Do you discover vulnerabilities in the OV chip card systems? Report this via our responsible disclosure policy.

5. Do you have questions about fraud or do you want to report fraud (anonymously or otherwise)? Please contact fraude.onderzoek@translink.nl.