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Cookie statement

OV-chipkaart.nl uses marketing cookies to optimise and personalise your experience of our website. We choose to use these to ensure that you see relevant OV-chipkaart adverts on other websites. If you would prefer us not to place marketing cookies, we will only place essential and analytical cookies. These cookies do not store any information about you as an individual.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone by a website.

You can choose whether or not to give consent for the placement of marketing cookies on our website. The table below shows the cookies we may place and the purpose of each.

Functional cookies


Storage period


Stores cookie consent for the specific domain

6 months


Stores the user’s language preference

1 session

rbzid / rbzsessionid

For identifying the used device

1 session


For identifying the browser

1 session

OV-chipkaart also uses analytical cookies. We do this in order to monitor use of the OV-chipkaart website. A permanent cookie is placed on your computer or mobile device for this purpose. This provides OV-chipkaart with insight into how often you visit the OV-chipkaart website and how you use it. We can use this information to make adjustments where necessary and ensure that the OV-chipkaart website works well.

Through services like Google Analytics, OV-chipkaart may store data in cookies, including but not limited to the following.

Analytical cookies


Storage period


Used to distinguish users

2 years


Used to measure the request rate

1 session


Used to distinguish users (anonymous)

1 session


For use of the Optimize (analysis platform

90 days


The easiest way to remove cookies is via your browser. A list of the most common browsers with links to the instructions for deleting cookies in each is provided below:

Amersfoort, January 2023