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Checking in and out

By checking in and out, the carrier calculates the correct fare. You check in at your departure station or stop and you check out again at your arrival station or stop. Make sure you check in and out with the same carrier. The carrier's logo is on the gates and poles.

How it works

  • At the start of your journey, hold the OV-chipkaart against the screen on a gate or card reader, you can identify these by the OV-chipkaart logo;
  • If you have sufficient credit or a valid travel product on your card, the gate will open or the card reader will beep to confirm and a green light will show;
  • At the end of your journey, hold your OV-chipkaart against a gate or card reader again to check out. The display will show the cost of your journey and how much credit is left on your card;
  • Are you switching to another carrier? Then first check out and then check in with the right carrier.

Missed check-in or -out

If you travel on credit, the boarding fare will be debited from your card when you check in. When you check out, the boarding fare will be refunded and you will be charged for the number of kilometres you travelled. If you do not check out, you will pay the full boarding fare. If you are unable to check out, due to a defective card reader for example, you can request a refund for any overpayment from your public transport company.

You can request a refund of your balance via www.uitcheckgemist.nl. Complete your journey by filling in the missing departure or arrival station.

Tip: sign up for the Missed Check-out Alert. You will then receive a message if you miss a check-in or check-out.

Pick up or drop off

Do you want to pick up or drop off someone on the platform? This is possible of course. You will need an OV-chipkaart loaded with credit and you will need to check in and out within 20 minutes. You will then receive the full boarding fare back on your OV-chipkaart.

Good to know: At NS you have more time to see someone off. There will be no charge if you check out again within 60 minutes.

Practical travel information

You can access information that will help you to plan your journey through the links listed below. The links open a new window.

Frequently Asked Questions