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Automatic reload

If you regularly travel by public transport and you don't want to queue to reload your card, automatic reloading is the solution. With automatic reloading, you will always have sufficient credit to use your OV-chipkaart. You can easily request automatic reload online.

How it works

1. You check in or out with your personal OV-chipkaart with insufficient funds;

2. Your balance is automatically reloaded with the amount you registered with;

3. We give you this money in advance, it is debited from your bank account within 15 days;

4. You will find the moment of the automatic reload, as well as the OV-chipkaart number, in your direct debit description;

5. All trips and reloads can be found in your trip overview. This way, you always know what direct debit connects with your travel history.

Apply for automatic reload

1. You log in or register for a OV-chip account;

2. You choose the amount you would like to reload your OV-chipkaart with: € 10, €20 or €50;

3. You verify your IBAN with a payment of € 0,01 via iDeal. This way, you give us permission for future direct debits;

4. You pick up the order to put automatic reload on your card via a service point. From that moment, automatic reload will be active on your OV-chipkaart.

When you don't have a Dutch bank account, please fill out this online form. Note: You can only apply with a personal OV-chipkaart (card with photo).

Frequently asked questions