I pay for the automatic reloading on someone else's card. How can I view the transactions?

You are the account holder if you pay for automatic reloading on a card belonging to someone else. Such as your child, partner or parent. Your child/partner/parent is the cardholder. 

Register for a My OV-chipkaart account and apply for the public transport travel history to view transactions.

Create an account

1. click Register;

2. enter your username and password, then repeat your password;

3. enter your email address. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email. This will allow you to activate your account;

4. click on the link in the confirmation email within 24 hours. If you cannot see a link, copy the text between the dotted lines into your browser's address bar.

Add card

1. link card under card management;

2. enter the date of birth and postcode of the cardholder.