How does automatic reloading work?

Would you like to always have sufficient credit? This is possible with automatic reloading. If you do not have enough credit to pay the boarding fare of journey price, an amount will automatically be loaded onto your card. This will then be debited from your bank account. So you will no longer need to stand in line for a counter or device in order to reload your card.

Automatic reloading is only possible on a personal OV-chipkaart. You can choose from a reloading amount of € 10, € 20 or € 50.

When will your card be reloaded?

Your card will be automatically reloaded when checking in or out. This happens if you do not have enough credit to pay the boarding fare or journey price. So you can simply check in, even if there is little or no credit on your card. As soon as you hold your card to a post or gate, your credit will be uploaded.

If your journey costs less than the amount with which your card was reloaded, the remaining credit will be returned to your card. The reloading amount will be debited from your account within 15 days.


Do you already have an OV-chipkaart? Apply for automatic reloading online. You will then go to a pick-up device to add automatic reloading to your card. Find a pick-up device near you.

If you apply for automatic reloading at the same time as a personal OV-chipkaart, automatic reloading will already be working on your card. You can start to travel with your card as soon as you receive it.