How do I apply for automatic reloading?

Would you like to always have sufficient credit? This is possible with automatic reloading. If you do not have enough credit for the boarding fare or journey costs, an amount will automatically be loaded onto your card. This will then be debited from your bank account. You can choose from € 10, € 20 or € 50. Automatic reloading is only possible on a personal OV-chipkaart.

Apply online

Automatic reloading is only possible on a personal card. You will activate automatic reloading in three steps:

1.     Log in to My OV-chip.

2.     Provide a one-off authorisation through an iDEAL payment of € 0.01.
When you don't have a Dutch bank account, please fill out this form.

3.     Activate automatic reloading on your card at a pick-up device.

Automatic reloading will now work on your card. Now you will always have sufficient credit.

Apply for automatic reloading online here.