Blocked credit

Automatic reloading is activated on your OV-chipkaart. We were unable to collect the reloading amount from your account. We will not make a second collection attempt. You have received an email or letter informing you of the failed collection(s). We have not yet received payment from you. In order to prevent your debt increasing, the credit on your card has been blocked. This happens in the following two cases:

1. The amount of the failed collection(s) is higher than €60.00. You will receive a letter about this from the OV-chipkaart Administration Department.

2. We have not yet received the amount of the failed collection(s) from you. We have passed the debt on to Intrum Justitia.

Unblock credit

The letter you received from the OV-chipkaart Administration Department/Intrum Justitia includes the account number to which you can transfer the amount. Once they have received this amount, you will be able to unblock your credit within three working days. You will do this at a pick-up device Insert your card into the machine and choose 'Pick up orders'. Follow the instructions and wait for the credit to be unblocked. Remove your OV-chipkaart from the device. Find a pick-up device near you. You can see whether your credit is ready to be unblocked under the ‘Card information’ page.


If you have questions about the amount you need to pay, phone the OV-chipkaart Administration Department on 0900-681-2447 (normal phone cost). The number is available on weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00. If your debt has been passed on to the collection agency, we will no longer be able to answer your questions. You can then contact Intrum Justitia on 088-020-1700 (local rate), available on weekdays from 8.30 to 17.30.