Travel using automatic reloading

Do you regularly travel on public transport? And would you prefer not to queue for the device in order to pick up your credit? Discover automatic reloading. With automatic reloading you will always have sufficient credit on your OV-chipkaart.

Automatic reloading step by step

If you have automatic reloading on your card, the following will happen:

  • You want to check in but you do not have enough credit for the boarding fare. Your card will then be automatically reloaded. The chosen loading amount will be immediately added to the credit on your card. We loan you this money.
  • After this, the instruction will be sent to your bank to collect the amount from your bank account. The amount will be debited within 15 days after your travel transaction was received. So there are a number of days between the adding of the credit to your card and the collection from your account.
  • It is possible that your card will be automatically reloaded multiple times in the meantime. Your card may also be automatically reloaded twice in succession. This can happen if you choose a reloading amount of € 10 and travel with NS. This occurs in order to debit the reloading amount of € 20. These amounts will then be collected from your account at the same time.
  • In the description provided on your (digital) bank statement, you will see the date and time you were travelling when the automatic-reloading amount was added to your card. This is the date you can check in your public-transport travel history. You can check the loading transaction in your My OV-chip travel history.

Apply online

Automatic reloading is only possible with a personal OV-chipkaart. You will provide a single authorisation using iDEAL, through a payment of € 0.01. You will then take your OV-chipkaart to a pick-up device and add the automatic reloading onto your card.

Apply using a form

You can also apply for automatic reloading by post. The processing will take a maximum of three weeks.

Change or terminate automatic reloading

You can change your bank-account number or amount quickly at any time in My OV-chip. You can also indicate that you would like to terminate automatic reloading through your account.

Change or terminate using a form

You can also inform us of your change or termination by post. You will receive a confirmation letter within three weeks. This letter will also tell you how you can add the change to your OV-chipkaart.