Terms and conditions for online orders

The Order Terms and Conditions of Trans Link Systems B.V. (pdf) apply  to all orders placed trough this website. This relates to:

  • personal OV-chipkaart
  • Automatic reloading
  • cancellation and refund

You accept these terms and conditions as soon as you complete an order.

Product terms and conditions

Travelling on credit using urban and regional transport

  • Credit can be loaded onto the personal or anonymous card.
  • You pay per kilometer travelled.
  • Before you travel, there must be sufficient credit on your card.
  • When checking in, the boarding fare will be deducted.
  • When you check out, the actual journey price will be calculated. The remaining sum will be added back onto the card.
  • When transferring within 35 minutes AFTER CHECKING OUT you will not be charged the basic fare again.
  • Passengers with a personal card and who are entitled to discounted fares will receive a 34% discount on both the basic fare and kilometre fare.
  • Valid with all urban and regional transport companies with OV-chipkaart equipment. Each region or operator may have a different kilometre fare.

Order credit

Pre-paid travel with NS

Information about pre-paid travelling with NS can be found on the NS website (new window).