Loading an OV-chipkaart

There are a number of ways to load your OV-chipkaart. You can choose Automatic reload, so that you never have to think about credit. Or you can load your card using a loading device at the station. Choose the most convenient option for you. 

Automatic reload

You can choose Automatic reload on a personal OV-chipkaart. As soon as the credit drops below € 0, an amount will automatically be transferred from your bank account to your OV-chipkaart. This means you always have enough credit to travel.
Further information on Automatic reload
Apply for Automatic reload

Place your order online and load at a pick-up device

Order € 10 or € 20 of credit online and pay using iDEAL. Load the credit onto your card at a pick-up device. Or order a travel product from your public transport company online, pay using iDEAL and load it onto your card at a pick up device. Once you have collected your product you are ready to travel.
Order credit or travel products

Loading device

There are loading devices throughout the Netherlands, where you can load your personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart. At stations, in some buses, at supermarkets and at newsagents.
Loading devices near you 

At a public transport company counter 

You can also load your OV-chipkaart at public transport company counters.