How do I order credit?

There are two steps to purchasing credit: placing an order online and loading the credit onto your card at a pick-up device.

Ordering and picking up

It is now simple to purchase credit in the OV-chipkaart webshop. You place your order online, pay with iDEAL and load your order onto your OV-chipkaart at a pick-up device whenever is convenient for you. Search for a pick-up device near you

You can place an order for your own OV-chipkaart or for an OV-chipkaart belonging to a family member or friend, as well as for both personal and anonymous cards.

Overview of orders

You can easily keep track of your order online and you can also cancel online, if you change your mind. If you have a Mijn OV-chip account, you can also see an overview of your orders.

Order credit without an account

You can also order credit without an OV-chip account. Fill in the card number of the card for which you wish to place an order.

Order credit