Reporting a card lost or stolen

If your personal OV-chipkaart has been stolen or you have lost your card, please report this as soon as possible. We will block your personal card for further use within 24 hours of your notification. You will receive a replacement OV-chipkaart within a average of three working days.

Report your card lost or stolen through My OV-chip. Good to know: a blocked card cannot be unblocked again!

If you do not yet have a My OV-chip account, please report to OV-chipkaart Customer Services on telephone number 0900-0980 (normal phone cost). Please have your bank account number to hand for your credit refund and to pay for your replacement card. A replacement card costs € 11. You will authorise this payment over the phone.

Balance refunded

If there is more than €0 credit on your card, this amount will be returned to your bank account within 15 days. You will not be charged an administration fee.

Pass transferred

If there was a pass on your old card, this will also be on your new card and you can simply start travelling again, as long as the pass is still valid. Find out how to travel until you receive your replacement OV-chipkaart from your public transport company.  

What losses can you expect?

If you discover that your personal card has been stolen or you have lost it, you must report this as soon as possible. This is important because only from the following day (with effect from 0:00), we (Translink) bear the risk of loss of the credit on your personal card. Until this time you bear the risk of loss of credit yourself.