Refund of credit

If you no longer wish to travel on credit, you can request a refund of your credit.

Refund at a counter

If the credit on your personal OV-chipkaart is between € 0 and € 30, you can request a refund of this at a counter of a public transport company. If you have automatic reload, you must terminate this before you can request a refund of your credit at a counter. Read more about how to terminate automatic reloading.


Would you like a refund of credit on an anonymous OV-chipkaart? Enter your name, address, postcode, town or city and date of birth on the form given to you by the member of staff at the counter. Submit the form to a member of staff at the counter. They will check your ID (A Dutch passport, driving licence or ID card) and enter the card number for your OV-chipkaart on the form. You will then be refunded your credit, up to € 30.

Credit above € 30 

Credit above € 30 will only be refunded if you terminate your OV-chipkaart using a form. Remaining credit will be transferred to your bank account.  

Personal OV-chipkaart Termination and credit refund on a personal OV-chipkaart (pdf)  
Anonymous OV-chipkaart Credit refund expired anonymous OV-chipkaart (pdf)

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