Defective card

Travelling with the OV-chipkaart is simple. But there is a possibility that your card will stop working or seem as if it has stopped working. If this happens, you can check whether your card is really defective or if there is another problem. If your card is really defective, you can apply for a new one.  

Check whether your card is defective yourself

If your card does not work, first check whether it is actually defective. This is done as follows:

  • Negative credit? You will no longer be able to check in or travel on a pass. Reload your credit and you will be able to travel again.
  • Forgot to check out? If you fail to check out twelve times, your card will be blocked. You can remove the block at a counter for the public transport company you checked in with most recently.  
  • Automatic reloading on your card? Your credit may have been temporarily blocked because failed collections have not been paid. Or because your debt amounts to more than € 60. You can find out how to pay and remove the block here.

Personal card defect?

If your personal OV-chipkaart is definitely defective, Report the OV-chipkaart as defective and apply for a new card
A new card costs € 11 and is valid for five years. You will receive your new card within an average of three working days. Ask your public transport company how you can travel until you receive your new card. If you had a travel product on your old card, this will be transferred to your new OV-chipkaart.

Anonymous OV-chipkaart

An anonymous OV-chipkaart cannot be replaced, only terminated. Download the form Terminate a defective anonymous OV-chipkaart and refund credit (pdf).

Tip: write down your card number. You need this number if you have a question about your anonymous card.

Credit refund

If there is credit on your defective card, this amount will be returned to your bank account within 15 days.