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  • Travel costs and expenses overview

    Travel costs and expenses overview How can I view my travel costs? How do I create an expenses overview?
  • Is my privacy guaranteed?

    Is my privacy guaranteed? If you have a personal OV-chipkaart, your name, address, town or city, card number and any other contact details such as your telephone number, email address and bank account number will be held by the card producer Trans Link Systems BV (TLS). When you use the OV-chipkaart, your transaction details, including your check-in, check-out
  • New student

    New student With the student travel product you can travel free or with a discount on public transport to and from your course. Apply for the student travel product through DUO. You apply for your personal card through this site. You link your card and student travel product at
  • OV-chip and use

    OV-chip and use Before you can travel, it’s a good idea to check how much credit you have. And which products are loaded onto your card. After a journey, you will want to be able to see how much the journey cost. And you will want an overview of all the journeys you have made. Did you miss a check-out? In that case you will want to request a credit refund.
  • Cancel credit order

    Cancel credit order Details Check Confirmation Details You can cancel your credit order here. You will do this using your order number and cancellation code. You can find these in the confirmation email for your order. If you have lost your order number and cancellation code, please contact OV-chipkaart Customer Services.
  • Privacy

    Privacy We reserve the right to revise this privacy statement by making changes or additions to the information on this page. We therefore recommend that you check this page regularly. If significant changes are made to the privacy statement, we will draw your attention to these clearly on this page.
  • Safety

    Safety It is very important to us that your details and other cardholder's details are processed and secured very carefully. We do our best to ensure this. But it is important for you to pay close attention too. Keep your login details to yourself Do not provide your username and password for My OV-chip to apps, other websites or other people.
  • Picking up an order

    Picking up an order You can pick up your order at 3,427 pick-up devices throughout the Netherlands! Search for a pick-up device near you Enter  your address and select the type of service you wish to use . The result will give you the ten nearest locations and what types of services are provided there.
  • Responsible disclosure policy

    Responsible disclosure policy Translink works with the OV-chipkaart to ensure that passengers can travel on public transport safely and easily every day. OV-chipkaart security is the highest priority for Translink. The safety of Translink's own ICT systems is also very important, of course. Every day, specialists work to optimise the systems and processes.
  • Pick up or drop off

    Pick up or drop off Do you want to pick up or drop off someone on the platform? This is possible of course. You will need an OV-chipkaart loaded with credit and you will need to check in and out within 20 minutes. Check in and out within 20 minutes In order to pick up or drop off someone at a station, you will need to check in with your OV-chipkaart.