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    503 - Service unavailable The requested page is not found. It may have been moved or deleted. Do you want to: apply  for a personal OV-chipkaart find a  servicepoint  nearby find  information  about travelling with the OV-chipkaart order credit  online apply for automatic reload find  an anwer to a question Try the  homepage  or try again later.
  • Defective card

    Defective card Travelling with the OV-chipkaart is simple. But there is a possibility that your card will stop working or seem as if it has stopped working. If this happens, you can check whether your card is really defective or if there is another problem. If your card is really defective, you can apply for a new one.
  • Apply for personal OV-chipkaart

    Apply for personal OV-chipkaart Personal data Photo Crop Automatic reloading Check Payment Personal data A personal OV-chipkaart costs € 7,50 and is valid for five years. You will receive your new card within zes working days. N.B.: Is your card expired, lost or broken? Replace your card through your account.
  • Service points finder

    You can view the locations found below. Searching by a combination of the street name, house number and town or city will produce the best results.
  • Steffie explains the OV-chipkaart

    Steffie explains the OV-chipkaart Travelling with the OV-chipkaart isn’t easy for everyone. That’s why we have launched an initiative to make communication about the OV-chipkaart simpler. This will take place on the Steffie website. On this website, Steffie will explain all aspects of the OV-chipkaart in a comprehensible way.
  • How does travelling work?

    How does travelling work? The OV-chipkaart is the ticket for public transport in the Netherlands. If you carry an OV-chipkaart with you, you will no longer need to think about strip tickets or metro and train tickets. You can travel on trains, trams, buses and metros with a single ticket.  Load before you travel You will need to load the card before you start
  • Travelling with a pet or bicycle

    Travelling with a pet or bicycle There are wide entry gates for passengers with a bicycle or buggy. Folding bicycles and small pets travel free of charge in certain circumstances. Read all the terms and conditions for your public transport company . If you do need to pay for a pet or bicycle, you can load a travel product for this onto your personal or
  • OV-chipkaart e-mailservice

    OV-chipkaart e-mailservice d1c18ec0b109268324269c2da5f0c0dfafbe1058ea4af5653284d714064904a1 project.general_error_message Receive an e-mail when your anonymous card expires. Subscribe now and make sure you ask for a credit refund.     Card number* * Required field Mail address * Yes, please send me an e-mail when my anonymous card expires.
  • Proclaimer

    Proclaimer Trans Link Systems B.V. (Translink) is responsible for the content of this website and does everything possible to ensure it is up to date and correct. Your privacy All information you provide to us will be handled confidentially. Personal or address details will only be used for the purpose for which you provided them.
  • Terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions Anyone applying for an OV-chipkaart accepts the General Terms and Conditions for use of the OV-chipkaart as part of this process. You can download, consult or print the full version of these terms and condition here: General terms and conditions OV-chipkaart (pdf) .