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  • Public transport company contact details

    Public transport company contact details Public transport companies can answer questions about: Travel products and terms and conditions Travel with the OV-chipkaart and fares in their region OV-chipkaart applications in their region Public transport company Customer services telephone number Website allGo 085-208 02 90 (local cost)
  • Students

    With the student travel product you can travel free or with a discount on public transport to and from your course. You will need a personal OV-chipkaart to load the student travel product onto.
  • Lost, stolen or defect

    Lost, stolen or defect Why do I have to pay € 11 to replace my broken card? I have lost my OV-chipkaart. What should I do? My personal OV-chipkaart is not working/broken. What should I do? My phone has been lost/stolen. How do I ensure no-one can access the information in my OV-chipkaart app?
  • Online credit refund

    Do you have a anonymous cards that has been expired for less than a year? You can now request a refund online!
  • Forgot to check in or out

    Forgot to check in or out Travelling with the OV-chipkaart is easy. But it is still possible for something to go wrong and for you to pay too much. In this case you can apply for a refund for overpayment at your public transport company. Request a refund online You did not check in or out. Because the card reader was not working or you forgot, for example.
  • Apply for, change or terminate

    Apply for, change or terminate How can I change the amount for automatic reloading? How do I change my bank account for automatic reloading? How do I apply for automatic reloading? Where can I add automatic reloading to my card (activate)? How do I terminate automatic reloading?
  • Cookie statement

    Cookie statement uses marketing cookies to optimise and personalise your experience of our website. We choose to use these to ensure that you see relevant OV-chipkaart adverts on other websites. If you would prefer us not to place marketing cookies, we will only place essential and analytical cookies.
  • Checking in and out

    Checking in and out Checking in and out At the start of your journey, hold the OV-chipkaart against the screen on a gate or card reader, you can identify these by the OV-chipkaart logo. If you have sufficient credit or a valid travel product on your card, the gate will open or the card reader will beep to confirm and a green light will show.
  • Customer satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction We continuously measure the quality of our service so we can provide you with a constantly improving service. OV-chipkaart Customer Services is a member of the Customer Service Federation (new window). We have also signed up to the Federation’s Customer Service Quality Agreement, which means that every month we post the results of our survey
  • Terms and conditions for online orders

    Terms and conditions for online orders The  Order Terms and Conditions of Trans Link Systems B.V.  (pdf) apply  to all orders placed trough this website. This relates to: personal OV-chipkaart Automatic reloading cancellation and refund You accept these terms and conditions as soon as you complete an order.