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  • Change email adress

    Change email adress You need to be logged in to change the email address for your account. Once you are logged in, you can go to ‘Email address account’ and choose the option ‘Change email’. Enter the new email address and then choose ‘Change account details’ to save the new email address.
  • The details on card are incorrect

    The details on card are incorrect Is there an incorrect name, passport photo or date of birth* on your card? In this case you can apply for a replacement card. - Download and print the form; - Complete it and send it in with your old OV-chipkaart; - You will receive a replacement OV-chipkaart within two weeks - A replacement card costs € 11.
  • Travel costs

    Travel costs How can I view my travel costs? What are fare periods and why do these matter to me? How much is the kilometre fare if I travel with the OV-chipkaart? Do I always have to pay the basic fare when I transfer? My return journey was more expensive than my outward journey. How can the prices be different? What does 'boarding fare' mean? What is the basic fare and
  • Create and log in

    Create and log in I have forgotten my password. What should I do? How do I create a My OV-chip account? How do I activate my OV-chip account? I can't log in to my OV-chip account. What should I do? I have forgotten my username. What should I do?
  • Complaints procedure

    Complaints procedure I would like to submit a complaint to OV-chipkaart Customer Services. How do I do this?
  • Explanation of OV-chip account

    Explanation OV-chip account With an OV-chip account you can view your public transport travel history, for example. You can also use a number of services. You can report your OV-chipkaart lost or stolen and apply for a new card. You can also order credit or apply for automatic reloading.
  • Card with student travel product lost, broken or expired?

    Card with student travel product lost, broken or expired? If your card with student travel product is lost, broken or expired, please report this as soon as possible. Your card will then be blocked. This way you are protected against misuse. You can do this easily through your My OV-chip account.
  • Business OV-chipkaart

    Business OV-chipkaart The business OV-chipkaart will be offered to employees of companies by Business Card Providers. If you have a business OV-chipkaart and have a question, please contact your Business Card Provider. You cannot use the online services on this website. The contact details can be found on the front of your card.  If you are interested in a business
  • Subscriptions and travel products

    Passes and products Operators offer various passes and travel products that you can add to your OV-chipkaart. Such as a monthly pass for the bus or a discount product for the train. For the sale of passes and travel products, please contact your operator. View the overview of webshops and operators Looking for a pass to suit you? The 9292 public-transport
  • Applying for a credit refund

    Applying for a credit refund An OV-chipkaart expires after five years. Naturally it is possible that there will still be credit on it at that time. Of course you can request a refund for this. But you can also request a credit refund if your card has not yet expired. After all, it’s your money.