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  • Credit checker

    You can request the credit on your OV-chipkaart using the credit checker. Enter the 16-digit card number for your card and click on ‘My credit’.
  • Missed check-in or check-out

    Missed check-in or check-out My missed checkout is not visible on Why is this? I forgot to check out. How do I request a refund of my credit?
  • Request credit refund

    Request credit refund Can I terminate or hand in my personal card? How do I request a refund of my credit?
  • Price list

    Price list Purchase price Validity Replacement card Loading Refund of credit Costs failed debit Credit and interest Travel products Travel costs Purchase price The recommended price for an OV-chipkaart is € 7,50. Public transport companies can decide the prices they charge passengers themselves.
  • Something went wrong

    Something went wrong An automatic collection has failed. What should I do? I am an administrator/under administration. How can I/my administrator change details? The website is not displaying correctly. Why is this? I have received an error notification for my application. What should I do? I have loaded credit and paid with a PIN card. The credit is not on my card.
  • Link card to account

    Link card to account Where can I enter the link code? Why can I only apply for the link code by post? The link code was not accepted. What should I do? I have not/ the cardholder has not received a link code. What should I do? Why do I need permission to link a card? I have chosen the wrong profile.
  • Everything about travelling

    If you carry an OV-chipkaart with you, you will no longer need to think about strip tickets or metro and train tickets. You can travel on trains, trams, buses and metros with a single ticket.
  • Use

    Use There are various ways to view information about your use of the OV-chipkaart. You can view your travel history in the OV-chipkaart app and My travel history. In your OV travel history, you can create an expenses overview. See ‘How do I create an expenses overview?’ If you have missed a check-out, you can correct this at (new window).
  • Gates

    Gates At stations there are a lot of gates allowing passengers to check in and out quickly. The gates are one-way and the direction is displayed clearly. All gates are monitored by cameras and fitted with sensors. A gate closes when the sensor no longer detects movement. In the event of an emergency, all gates open automatically to allow passengers to leave the station quickly.
  • Change password

    Change password You can change the password on your account as follows: Log in to My OV-chip using the link below. Click on ‘Wijzig wachtwoord’. Enter your current password and fill in your new password twice. Click on the ‘Wijzig wachtwoord’ button. Your password has now been changed. Change password