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  • What to do with an expired card

    Renew your personal OV-chipkaart. Travel products will be transferred to your new card. Or buy a new anonymous card. Remaining credit will be returned to your bank account.
  • How does it work?

    How does it work? When will you debit an automatic reloading amount from my account? How does automatic reloading work?
  • Call from foreign country

    Call from foreign country Calling from Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg Calling Customer Services OV-chipkaart from a foreign country? You can contact us on below mentioned telephone numbers. Country Telephone number Belgium +32 2 808 1524 (fixed line)* Germany +49 30 3 080 8170 (fixed line)* Luxembourg +35 22 787 2535 (fixed line)* It is not possible to call
  • How does the travel history work?

    How does the travel history work? How do I apply for an OV-expenses overview? Why can I only select a maximum of one month of transactions? I pay for the automatic reloading on someone else's card. How can I view the transactions? When will I see my transactions in my public transport travel history? Why can I sometimes not see all transactions in my
  • Changing personal details

    Changing personal details Have you moved? If you have a personal OV-chipkaart, it is important that you notify us of changes to your personal details. Do you have a personal travel product (e.g. a monthly pass) on your OV-chipkaart? You will also need to notify your  public transport company . There are various ways to notify us of a change.
  • Different types of passenger

    Different types of passenger There are different fares and/or regulations for different types of passengers. Students Student travel product More information Tourists Anonymous or disposable card More information Children, those aged 65+ and groups Travel free or with a discount More information Travelling with a visual impairment OV-chip Plus NS Business
  • Service and contact

    The answers to many of the questions received by our customer services are also easy to find on our website. View the top three questions and find the answers online.
  • All webshops of public transport companies

    All webshops of public transport companies Below you will find an overview of websites and webshops of public transport companies. For questions regarding your subscription or travel product please contact your public transport company. The links will open in a new window.
  • Student travel product - apply, pick up or stop

    Student travel product - apply, pick up or stop What is the student travel product and when am I entitled to it? How do I pick up (activate) my student travel product? How do I terminate my student travel product? How do I apply for the student travel product? Validity of the student travel product, public holidays and discount
  • Lost your OV-chipkaart? What to do?

    Lost your OV-chipkaart? What to do? Block (and replace) Block (and replace) your OV-chipkaart through your OV-chip account. You will receive the remaining card balance within 15 days. You will receive the replacement card within 3 working days. Block and replace Link your card to your account Do you know the OV-chipkaart number and expiration date?