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  • Remaining

    Remaining How do I know if the email I received comes from you? Found OV-chipkaart
  • Request username

    Request username f47408490bf078114ac760ccb82c86acc99cac5f48bcfab6f7439118d560fb5b Enter the email address with which you registered the account. If you no longer have access to this email address, we will not be able to send you your username. We recommend that you create a new account. * Required field Email address *
  • National travel products

    National travel products You can purchase the national travel products Anytime Discount, Net Pass, Sentire and Public Transport Discount from your operator. You can find out where to purchase each product below. Anytime Discount 1 month This product is valid for 1 month and can be purchased in a number of ways: Order and pay through  operators' webshop and then
  • 408 - Request timeout

    408 - Request timeout The requested page is not found. It may have been moved or deleted. Do you want to: apply  for a personal OV-chipkaart find a  servicepoint  nearby find  information  about travelling with the OV-chipkaart order credit  online apply for automatic reload find  an anwer to a question Try the  homepage  or try again later.
  • Responsible disclosure hall of fame

    Responsible disclosure hall of fame We would like to thank the following people who have made a responsible disclosure to us by pointing us towards vulnerabilities in our websites. Together we found a solution. Yassine Nafiai - Olivier Beg - Nitin Goplani - Koutrouss Naddara -  @koutroussnaddar
  • Cancelling your order

    Cancelling your order You can cancel your order in the OV-chipkaart webshop, if you have not yet picked it up and loaded it onto your card. Cancelling  online You can cancel your order online.  Enter your order number and cancellation code . Cancelling through OV-chipkaart Customer Services You can also contact OV-chipkaart Customer Services on 0900-0980 (normal
  • Lost, stolen or broken

    Lost, stolen or broken My personal OV-chipkaart with the student travel product is lost/stolen. What should I do? My OV-chipkaart with the student travel product is not working/defective. What should I do?
  • Costs OV-chipkaart

    Costs OV-chipkaart Why do I have to pay € 11 to replace my broken card? How much does the OV-chipkaart cost? Are there costs associated with the OV-chipkaart?
  • What is automatic reloading?

    If you regularly travel by public transport and you don't want to queue to reload your card, automatic reloading is the solution. With automatic reloading, you will always have sufficient credit to use your OV-chipkaart.
  • Order credit

    Order credit N.B. After ordering, the credit will not yet have been added to the card. You can pick your order up from a device.Traveling with NS? Your credit will automatically be added to your card when you check-in. *Required field Card number* Amount € 10,00 € 20,00 € 30,00 € 40,00 € 50,00 E-mail address * skip OMS (test purpose) I accept the  Order terms and conditions