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  • Public transport company contact details

    Public transport company contact details Public transport companies can answer questions about: Travel products and terms and conditions Travel with the OV-chipkaart and fares in their region OV-chipkaart applications in their region Public transport company Customer services telephone number Website allGo 085-208 02 90 (local cost)
  • Apply for, change or terminate

    Apply for, change or terminate How do I apply for automatic reloading? How can I change the amount for automatic reloading? How do I change my bank account for automatic reloading? Where can I add automatic reloading to my card (activate)? How do I terminate automatic reloading?
  • Costs OV-chipkaart

    Costs OV-chipkaart Why do I have to pay € 11 to replace my broken card? How much does the OV-chipkaart cost? Are there costs associated with the OV-chipkaart?
  • New student

    New student With the student travel product you can travel free or with a discount on public transport to and from your course. Apply for the student travel product through DUO. You apply for your personal card through this site. You link your card and student travel product at
  • Everything about travelling

    If you carry an OV-chipkaart with you, you will no longer need to think about strip tickets or metro and train tickets. You can travel on trains, trams, buses and metros with a single ticket.
  • Change email adress

    Change email adress You need to be logged in to change the email address for your account. Once you are logged in, you can go to ‘Email address account’ and choose the option ‘Change email’. Enter the new email address and then choose ‘Change account details’ to save the new email address.
  • Kopie van Home

    The OV-chipkaart is the payment method for public transport in the Netherlands. If you carry an OV-chipkaart with you, you will no longer need to think about individual tickets. You load credit onto the card in Euro or add a travel product, such as a single journey, a monthly pass for commuting or a season ticket. Now you are ready to travel.
  • Explanation of OV-chip account

    Explanation OV-chip account With an OV-chip account you can view your public transport travel history, for example. You can also use a number of services. You can report your OV-chipkaart lost or stolen and apply for a new card. You can also order credit or apply for automatic reloading.
  • Gates

    Gates At stations there are a lot of gates allowing passengers to check in and out quickly. The gates are one-way and the direction is displayed clearly. All gates are monitored by cameras and fitted with sensors. A gate closes when the sensor no longer detects movement. In the event of an emergency, all gates open automatically to allow passengers to leave the station quickly.
  • Remaining

    Remaining How do I know if the email I received comes from you? Found OV-chipkaart
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