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  • Apply for personal OV-chipkaart

    Apply for personal OV-chipkaart Gegevens Photo Crop Automatic reloading Check Payment Gegevens A personal OV-chipkaart costs € 7,50 and is valid for five years. You will receive your new card within six working days. Please note; there is no mail delivery on Mondays. N.B.: Is your card expired, lost or broken? Replace your card through your account.
  • Apply for, change or terminate

    Apply for, change or terminate How do I change my bank account for automatic reloading? How can I change the amount for automatic reloading? How do I apply for automatic reloading? Where can I add automatic reloading to my card (activate)? How do I terminate automatic reloading?
  • OV-chip and use

    OV-chip and use Before you can travel, it’s a good idea to check how much credit you have. And which products are loaded onto your card. After a journey, you will want to be able to see how much the journey cost. And you will want an overview of all the journeys you have made. Did you miss a check-out? In that case you will want to request a credit refund.
  • Forgot to check in or out

    Forgot to check in or out Travelling with the OV-chipkaart is easy. But it is still possible for something to go wrong and for you to pay too much. In this case you can apply for a refund for overpayment at your public transport company. Request a refund online You did not check in or out. Because the card reader was not working or you forgot, for example.
  • Purchasing customer services

    Purchasing customer services Questions about the order process Do you have questions about the order process? Is anything about your order unclear or has your order failed? Check if your question has been answered in the  Frequently asked questions . If your question is not listed? Use the  contact form  of or telephone OV-chipkaart Customer Services on 0900
  • The details on card are incorrect

    The details on card are incorrect Is there an incorrect name, passport photo or date of birth* on your card? In this case you can apply for a replacement card. - Download and print the form; - Complete it and send it in with your old OV-chipkaart; - You will receive a replacement OV-chipkaart within two weeks - A replacement card costs € 11.
  • Subscriptions and travel products

    Passes and products Operators offer various passes and travel products that you can add to your OV-chipkaart. Such as a monthly pass for the bus or a discount product for the train. For the sale of passes and travel products, please contact your operator. View the overview of webshops and operators Looking for a pass to suit you? The 9292 public-transport
  • Which card is right for me?

    Which card is right for me? What is a disposable OV-chipkaart? When is an anonymous OV-chipkaart convenient? Is a passport photo required? Which OV-chipkaart is best for me?
  • All webshops of public transport companies

    All webshops of public transport companies Below you will find an overview of websites and webshops of public transport companies. For questions regarding your subscription or travel product please contact your public transport company. The links will open in a new window.
  • Picking up an order

    Picking up an order You can pick up your order at 3,427 pick-up devices throughout the Netherlands! Search for a pick-up device near you Enter  your address and select the type of service you wish to use . The result will give you the ten nearest locations and what types of services are provided there.
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