Why do I have to pay € 11 to replace my broken card?

If your card is defective and you apply for a new card, you will pay € 11 for:

  • material costs;
  • production costs, such as printing, photograph and date of birth;
  • distribution costs;
  • the management and maintenance costs of transferring your products to the new card and returning the credit to your bank account.

You will always receive a new card, even if it turns out that your old card is not actually defective. You will pay €11 in this case as well. So first check that your card is definitely defective.

If your OV-chipkaart is less than two years old and the card is broken because of a technical reason, such as a production fault or broken chip, you will not need to pay € 11. In all other cases, such as wear and cracks, you will pay € 11 for the new card.

If you do not accept the payment of € 11, complete the contact form. You must do this within 6 weeks of receiving the card.