When will you debit an automatic reloading amount from my account?

Your OV-chipkaart will be automatically reloaded if you do not have enough credit on your card to pay the boarding fare* when you check in. Your card will be reloaded immediately with your chosen amount (€ 10, € 20 or € 50). We lend you this amount. The money will then be debited from your account within fifteen days.

On your bank statement, you can see which date the amount was reloaded onto your OV-chipkaart. You can compare this reloading date with your travel details. You can do this under My public transport travel history. Here you can also see what happened to the automatically reloaded credit. Your statement also indicates another date: the debit date. This is the date on which we debited the amount from your account.

Example Dutch bank statement

Reloaded multiple times

So there are a number of days between credit being added to your card and the debit from your bank account. Your card may have been automatically reloaded more than once in the meantime. Your card can also be automatically reloaded twice in succession. This can happen if you have a reloading amount of €10 and you travel on NS. This is in order to deduct the boarding fare of € 20. Read more about boarding fares.

Missed check-out

Your card may also have been reloaded earlier than you expected due to a missed check-out. You will then pay too much for your journey. You can request a refund for the overpaid credit. Find out how to request a refund for overpaid credit.

Something wrong?

If you think there is something wrong, first check the 16-digit OV-chipkaart number on your bank statement. Is this not the number on your card? Or did you not travel on the reloading date? Send us a copy or print screen of your bank statement. We can then investigate what went wrong for you.

* This boarding fare may vary by operator.