My card has been incorrectly automatically reloaded. Why is this?

There may be various reasons why it seems as if your card has been incorrectly automatically reloaded. Usually, there is in fact an explanation.

The reloading date is not the debit date

We lend you the amount with which the card is reloaded. So this amount will only be debited from your account later (within 15 days). On your bank statement, you can see which date the amount was reloaded onto your OV-chipkaart. You can compare this reloading date with your travel details in your Travel history.

Station access

If you do not have enough credit to pay the boarding fare, an amount will automatically be added to your card. Even if you are not travelling at all, but simply visiting the station or walking through the station. If you check out again within an hour, you will pay nothing. The credit with which your card was reloaded will simply remain on your card. Tip: at the NS machine, you can add the ‘station-access product’ to your OV-chipkaart free of charge. Read more on the NS website.

Reloaded multiple times

It is possible for your card to be automatically reloaded several times in a row. If you have a reloading amount of € 10 and you travel on NS, for example. This is in order to deduct the boarding fare of € 20.

Forgetting to check in or check out

Your card could also have been reloaded earlier than you expected because you missed a check in or check out. You will then have paid too much for your journey. You can apply for a credit refund at

Do you think something is wrong?

Contact OV-chipkaart Customer Services on 0900 - 0980 (normal phone cost). We can then investigate whether something went wrong for you. To ensure you do not develop a payment delay and have your debt passed on to a debt-collection agency, we recommend that you do not reverse the collection.