How can I view my travel costs?

There are various ways to view the travel costs you have incurred with the OV-chipkaart.

Through my public transport travel history

If you have an OV-chip account and you linked your card to your account, you can view your journeys online.

If you have a personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart and you have not yet created an account, create an account now, add your card and apply for the public transport travel history. You will see all the transactions you have made up to 18 months ago straight away.

At a counter or device

You can request your last ten transactions and the current credit on your OV-chipkaart. You can do this at a counter or sales device for the operator you travelled with. If you have purchased credit or a product, you can print a receipt for this at a sales device. You can use this receipt to declare your travel expenses.

Find a counter or sales device near you.

VAT 9%

Travel on public transport is subject to 9% VAT.