How can I change the amount for automatic reloading?

Log in to change your amount per time. Choose the card you want to change the amount for and choose your preferred reloading amount per time. You will confirm the new amount with an iDEAL payment of € 0.01. This allows us to check that the bank account number is correct. And you provide a single authorisation for collection of the amounts.

When you are not able to make an iDEAL payment, please fill out this form and send it to us.

Pick up your change

Once you have made your change, you will need to take your OV-chipkaart to a pick-up device. Insert your card into the machine and choose 'Pick up orders'. This is how you change the reloading amount on your card. From now on, your card will be reloaded with the new amount per time.

Change reloading amount per time