My personal OV-chipkaart is not working. What to do?

If your card is no longer working, first check that the card is definitely broken. You can do this as follows:

Check if your OV-chipkaart is really broken

  • Is there a negative balance on your OV-chipkaart? In this case you are not able to check in at this moment. Reload your credit to be able to travel again.
  • Did you forget to check out more than 12 times? Then your card will be blocked. You can remove this temporary blockage at a counter of the operator you checked in with most recently.
  • If you have automatic reloading on your card, your credit may have been temporarily blocked because failed collections have not been paid. Check this website to see what to do.
  • Is your debt more than € 60? Then your card might also be temporarily blocked. You can find out how to pay this and remove the block here.
  • To be certain that there is something wrong with your card, you can go to a servicedesk close to you.

    Please note: after replacement, you can no longer use your defective card. The card is blocked.