How do I create an expenses overview?

You can create a travel expenses overview through your public transport travel history. This is possible for either a personal or an anonymous card. How to create an expenses overview:

1. Log in with your username and password.

2.Go to My travel history.

3.Choose the OV-chipkaart you would like to view the transactions for.

4.Choose the kind of transactions you would like to view (e.g. travel transactions).

5.Choose the period you would like to view the transactions for. You can choose the period you want to create an expenses overview for yourself. This could be a week or weekend, for example, but also a month. It is not possible to choose a period longer than one month.

6.Select the transactions you would like to include in your expenses overview. You can do this by clicking on the boxes under the word 'declare'.

7.Your check-out transactions are selected as standard. You can also deselect these, of course.

8.Then click on the pdf button in the top right of your overview.

9.Your expenses overview will be displayed. You can save or print this file.

N.B.: the expenses overview for an anonymous card does not show any personal details.

Create an annual overview after 1 March

We recommend that you create an annual overview for the previous year after 1 March. Sometimes operators send transactions later. This may mean that you are still missing transactions before 1 March.

Travel on public transport is subject to 9% VAT (6% on journeys made before 1 January 2019).