Which card is right for you

Discover the advantages of the various OV-chipkaarts and choose a card that best fits the way you travel.

Personal OV-chipkaart 

If you often travel by public transport, the personal OV-chipkaart is convenient. You can add several travel products at the same time as well as using passes and age discounts. Everything on one card.

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Anonymous OV-chipkaart

The anonymous card is not linked to an individual. So it is not possible to add passes to the card. The anonymous card can be used by more than one person, though not at the same time. This is very convenient for a family

Further information on the anonymous OV-chipkaart
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Single use card

With a number of public transport companies it is also possible to purchase single use card. This is usually more expensive. Find out more from your public transport company.

Perhaps you already have an OV-chipkaart

You may already have an OV-chipkaart. Most NS passes and discount cards can also be used as an OV-chipkaart. This means you will not need to apply for one. Check whether your NS card has an OV-chipkaart logo.

Business OV-chipkaart

A third kind of OV-chipkaart has recently been launched: the business OV-chipkaart. This card will be offered to employees of companies by Business Card Providers. If you have a business OV-chipkaart and have a question, please contact your Business Card Provider. The contact details can be found on the front of your card. 
If you are interested in a business OV-chipkaart for your organisation, please contact one of the Business Card Providers. Take a look here for an overview of all business card providers.