Personal OV-chipkaart

If you often travel by public transport, a personal OV-chipkaart will probably be the most convenient option for you.

With an personal OV-chipkaart you can:

  • add personal travel products such as a monthly pass, season ticket or bus pass to the card.
  •  automatically enjoy any applicable age discounts when you travel on credit. You will not need to do anything for this discount to be applied. Read more about traveling with NS with an age discount for adults or for kids (new windows).
  • use Automatic reload so that you always have sufficient credit on your card.
  • view your travel details online through My OV-chip and can very easily print off a travel expenses overview for your employer.
  • in case of theft or loss of your card you can have it blocked to prevent misuse.

A personal OV-chipkaart is valild for five years.

Apply online

Apply for a personal OV-chipkaart. You will need a digital photo and you will pay using iDEAL. The personal OV-chipkaart costs € 7.50.

Paper application form

If you cannot or do not wish to apply for your personal OV-chipkaart online, you can pick up a paper application form for a personal OV-chipkaart at the counters for public transport companies. Processing of the form involves additional actions, such as entry of your details into our systems. You will therefore pay a fee of € 3 for a paper application form.
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