Anonymous OV-chipkaart

If you travel on public transport occasionally or do not wish to share your personal details, an anonymous OV-chipkaart will probably be the most convenient option for you.

  • you can share your card with the whole family (but not at the same time). For example, you can use the anonymous card to travel to Amsterdam by train and the next day your son can use the same card to take the bus to football.
  • available at stations, in newsagents and at service counters.
  • if you load credit, you can use the card immediately.
  • convenient for your employees. If you occasionally need to travel for business, you can use an anonymous OV-chipkaart belonging to your company and will not need to pay for your journey in advance and declare your travel expenses afterwards.
  • valid for five years from date of production.

You cannot load any personal travel products, such as a pass for commuting, onto an anonymous OV-chipkaart. It is also not possible to travel with an age discount. This is possible with a personal OV-chipkaart.

Tip: write down your card number. You need this number if you ever have a question about your anonymous card.

Sales points

An anonymous OV-chipkaart can be purchased:

  • at sales devices in stations
  • at various newsagents (such as Primera)
  • at various supermarkets
  • at some Bruna shops
  • at OVshop, the Chipbizz webshop (new window)
  • at a public transport company's counter

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Take care of your OV-chipkaart

We advise you to take care of your OV-chipkaart. It is a contactless card with a chip and antenna inside. These are not visible from the outside. Tips:

  • Keep your card in your purse or wallet, or another suitable protective place. This will mean your card becomes damaged less quickly and it will therefore last longer.
  • Do not damage or bend your OV-chipkaart. This can cause your card to stop working or not to work correctly.
  • Only use your OV-chipkaart for the intended purpose, checking in, checking out and loading credit.
  • An anonymous OV-chipkaart is not protected. You cannot block this. A credit refund is also not possible.