Pay Later

Always being able to check in and out and only paying for the journeys you have made with RET at a later date. This is Pay Later for Consumers. It allows you to travel without credit, a pass or another travel product. You will receive an invoice once a month and will pay by direct debit.

Choose the convenience of Pay Later!

N.B. You can only use Pay Later with RET.

Why Pay Later?

These are the advantages:

  • always be able to check in and out with RET
  • monthly invoicing
  • invoice amount is paid by direct debit
  • use is free of charge: you will only pay your travel costs*
  • online insight into your yourneys and invoices

* We do request a one-off deposit amount of € 25. This is a prepayment of the first travel costs. We also debit € 0,01, to check that we can make collections from your account.

Like to start paying later?

You can do this if:

  • you travel with RET
  • you do not have an RET travel product or pass (including the student travel product and the free travel product for 65+)
  • you have a personal OV-chipkaart
  • the applicant (contract holder) is aged 18 or older
  • you live in the Netherlands

Tip: to apply for Pay Later you will need an OV-chipkaart account. You can also use it to view your journeys and invoices.

This product is offered by RET.