How does My travel history work?

My Travel History is an overview of the journeys and transactions you have made using your personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart. All operators in the Netherlands participate in this overview. You can use this overview to declare travel expenses to your employer or for your tax return. Using My travel history is not possible with a business card.

Add card to account for My travel history

If you create a My OV-chip account and link your card, you will have automatic access to your Public Transport Travel History.

When are transactions visible?

Once you have added your card to your account, you will see all the transactions you have made up to 18 months ago straight away. For example, if you add your card to your account on 1 January 2019, you will see all the transactions you made since July 2017.

If you travel by train or metro, you will see transactions within around 30 minutes.

If you travel by bus or tram, it may be longer before you see the transactions. Buses first need to return to their depot in order to send the transactions to us. This may take a few days.

No transactions (yet)

It is also possible that the public transport company has not (yet) forwarded details of any transactions, if work is taking place on the system, for example. In this case your travel history will be incomplete, partially incomplete or updated later.

Create your own expenses overview

You can select the transactions you wish to include in your expenses overview yourself. For your employer or the Tax Administration, for example. You can find out more about how to create an expenses overview here.

Go to My travel history.

Travel on public transport is subject to 9% VAT (6% on journeys made before 1 January 2019).