Previous improvements

Hearing what you think about is important to us. Including when you are not satisfied. We see this as an opportunity to improve the website and our service. And we do this continuously. You can read about the improvements we have implemented in 2016 below.

13 September: the OV-chipkaart app has been updated

The OV-chipkaart app for Android has been improved! The new version of the app is more modern. And you can navigate more easily within the app. The card information can be easily requested through the menu. Discover for yourself how the improved app looks and how the app works: update the app in the Play Store. Do you have an iPhone? The iOS version of the OV-chipkaart app has not been updated. You can download the iOS app in the iTunes-appstore.

9 September: Better checking of photo on card

If you apply for or renew a personal OV-chipkaart, you can see more clearly how your photo will look on the card. On an example card, you can check whether the selection you have made is correct.

23 June: Link to in app

From the OV-chipkaart-app, you can easily navigate to On this website, you can ask for a credit refund if you have missed a checkout.

When linking a card to your account, you will now also see part of the cardholder’s email address. So you can check in advance which email address we will be sending the activation code to. In various processes, there is now also a check for typing errors in email addresses.

9 June: Status of your travel product is clearer

From now on, the status of a travel product on is the same as the status of the product in the period during which the card is replaced. So ‘ready for use’, ‘active’, ‘used’, ‘terminated’, ‘blocked’, ‘expired’ or ‘transferred’. This makes the status of the travel product clearer. This is particularly important for students: it was sometimes the case that a student travel product was listed as ‘terminated’ on whilst on DUO it was still listed as 'active’. With fines for the students as a consequence. Students must terminate the travel product themselves at a device.

3 June: Already picked up an online order?

From now on you can see whether there are orders waiting for your card. So you can see whether you still need to add the order to your card at a pick-up device in order to use it. E.g. your ordered credit or your application for automatic reloading. You can also see your order history and check the status of your order. View order overview on the Card Information page.

Public transport travel history for anonymous card

From now on, anonymous card users can also view their travel history without an account. So you can check quickly and anonymously whether your check-in or check-out was successful. Or what the credit on your card is. Without having to register your details. So you remain anonymous. View public transport travel history for anonymous OV-chipkaart.

24 March: Username reminder now possible once again

At the request of users, the feature to request a username reminder has been made available once again. You no longer have to create a new account if you have forgotten your username. Request username.

14 March: Activation code to link card by post

You can now also apply for the activation code by post. Requesting this by email was already possible. This code can be used to link a card to your account. Go to link card.

17 February: No more downtime for website releases

From now on, this website will remain available while we implement improvements. Previously, the whole site was temporarily unavailable during what is known as a 'release'. In some cases, only certain pages will be made unavailable very briefly.

20 January: Give permission to link card

The way in which you link a card to your account has changed. You now need an activation code. We will send this to the cardholder. He or she can provide you with permission for the link with the code. This way the cardholder has control over who can view their personal details. So their card details are better protected. Read more about permission for linking a card.