Improved thanks to your suggestions

Hearing what you think about is important to us. Including when you are not satisfied. We see this as an opportunity to improve the website and our service. And we do this continuously. You can read about the improvements we have implemented below.

3 August: notifications about cards in your account

Your OV-chipkaart will expire after five years. Sometimes you only realise this after it has happened. This can be annoying if you want to travel immediately. And what exactly should you do? From now on, we will notify you in your account of cards that are about to expire or have already expired. We will also tell you how you can apply for a new card and how you can request a credit refund for your old card. Check whether there are notifications for your card(s)!

15 June: Credit checker

A lot of visitors to this website are looking for the credit on their OV-chipkaart. Starting from today, the website has a new tool that provides you with quick and easy insight into your credit, without you needing to log in. Just enter the card number, one click on the button and your credit appears. Try the Credit checker out!

24 March: ‘My OV-chip’ page updated

Your feedback showed that some passengers cannot find what they are looking for easily in their account. So we have rearranged the page you arrive at when you log in. You can now manage everything to do with your OV-chipkaart on one page. View the new page. Are you still missing something? Let us know what you think through the feedback button on the right-hand side of the page.

23 March: back button on declaration page

Passengers who regularly create declaration overviews found it inconvenient that they could not return to the travel history from the declaration page. So we have added a back button. You can now easily return from the declaration page to your travel history in order to create a new declaration.

16 March: logging in and out is now easier

More of your feedback has been used to improve the website! In the new menu, not everyone was able to find how to log out of their OV-chip account. So the ‘log out’ link can now be seen much more clearly under ‘My OV-chip’. You can also now see in the menu whether you are logged in or logged out. And the lock that is shown after some links in the menu is now a figure. The figure indicates that you need to log in before you can visit this page. Thanks to these three improvements, logging in and out is now easier.

23 February: feedback button moved

A lot of feedback has recently been received on the website. Some of this feedback has already been processed. The feedback button has been moved to the right, for example. This means it is no longer in the way when navigating. We are now working to make the ‘My OV-chip’ button clearer, so that logging in and logging out using this button is easier.

23 February: order credit faster

Ordering credit online easily and quickly through your phone: a common wish among passengers. We have therefore simplified the process, so you can order credit for your OV-chipkaart in fewer steps. Try it out!

17 February: new menu and new website layout

The menu and layout of the website have been changed. You have probably noticed this. The menu is now easy to view on your smartphone. So it’s simpler to navigate the website if you are using your phone.

2 February: new service on

We are offering a new service on Pay Later. With Pay Later, you can pay for your journeys with the RET at a later date. Read more about Pay Later.

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Customer satisfaction

We continuously measure the quality of our service so we can provide you with a constantly improving service. Read more about our customer satisfaction