Gates closing at Utrecht CS from end of March

From the end of March, all entry gates at Utrecht Centraal station will be closed. It will then only be possible to enter the station with an OV-chipkaart. NS is gradually closing more and more gates. This will give passengers a chance to get used to the new situation and allow any problems to be solved.

OV-chipkaart always required

So, to enter the station, you will need an OV-chipkaart. Including if you want to drop someone off, pick someone up or buy something from one of the shops.

You can enter the station free of charge if you have an OV-chipkaart and:

  • have € 20 credit on your card (or € 10 for an NS pass);
  • have an NS product on your card (NS pass, Travel on Credit or Business Card);
  • check out again at a gate within 60 minutes after checking in.

If you remain checked in for longer than 60 minutes, you will pay the boarding fare.

Read more about purchasing a personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart

    Insufficient credit?

    If you do not have sufficient credit on your OV-chipkaart, you can add a single-use free access product to your card using the NS device at stations. On this date, you will have 60 minutes from the time you checked in to check out again from the same station. After that, the access product will no longer be valid.

    Gates closed for safety

    NS is closing the gates at stations to prevent aggression. Almost 60% of the incidents on NS were caused by passengers travelling without tickets. Closing the gates helps to prevent passengers travelling without tickets. This has already been proven after the gates were closed on the metro in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

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