Calling Customer Services cheaper

From Saturday 1 July, the rate for phoning our Customer Services will be changing. You will no longer pay a € 0.50 flat rate per call, but instead your normal phone cost. So we no longer charge any extra costs for phoning our customer services.

The change applies to all our 0900 numbers:

  • OV-chipkaart Customer Services – 0900-0980
  • OV-chip Mobile Customer Services – 0900-0981
  • OV-chipkaart Administration – 0900-6812447

Over the coming period we will be adjusting our websites, apps, letters and forms due to this rate change. You may still see the old rate in some places. However, the change enters effect from 1 July. If you call one of the above numbers on or after 1 July 2017, you will pay only the costs for ringing a landline number.