Android OV-chipkaart app easier to use

If you use the OV-chipkaart app, we have good news. Because we have significantly improved the app and made it easier to use.

Improvements to the OV-chipkaart app

  • You can now also view card information through the menu. This way you can see how much credit is still on your OV-chipkaart more easily.
  • We have made major improvements to the app’s security. This means you no longer need to give permission for analysis of your user details with Google Analytics. We can use these details to further improve the app for you. And another thing that helps is the fact you can also send tips, suggestions and comments to us anonymously.
  • We have improved the quality of the code, so from now on we can develop and implement functionalities for your app faster. We have also refreshed the design, so that it now fits the Android design guidelines.

Why the app is so convenient

The OV-chipkaart app has been popular with public-transport passengers for almost 3 years. With the app, you can see easily whether you have checked in and out. Or how much credit is still on your OV-chipkaart. This way, you are always up to date. Including when you’re on the move. By using the app, you provide us with continuous feedback about the app. We use this to improve the app.

Free to download in the app stores

You can download the OV-chipkaart app free of charge in the app stores.

Download Android version (new window)

Download iOS version (new window)