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How much does the OV-chipkaart cost?

Participants of the OV-chipkaart system set the price of the OV-chipkaart. The recommended retail price of a new OV-chipkaart has been set at € 7.50. Public transport companies can determine the price they charge passengers themselves.

Before you purchase an OV-chipkaart, check that you don't already own one. The NS Annual Season Ticket, Public Transport Annual Pass and NS Off-peak Discount Pass are also OV-chipkaarts! You can recognise this by the OV-chipkaart logo on the card.

The price of the OV-chipkaart consists of:
- Cost price of materials, chip, antenna
- Production costs (including printing, photograph and date of birth)
- Distribution costs for both anonymous and personal OV-chipkaarts
- Management and maintenance costs for services we offer on the OV-chipkaart (including automatic reloading, reporting lost/stolen, requesting credit refund, change of address and the running of the website, processing of forms, application packages).

There is no deposit for the OV-chipkaart.

A VAT rate of 6% applies to the OV-chipkaart.

What requirements does my photograph need to meet for a digital personal OV-chipkaart application?

The photograph you use to apply online for a personal OV-chipkaart must meet the following requirements:

  • Choose a photo of the person who will be travelling with the OV-chipkaart. This can be a holiday photograph, a passport photo you have scanned in or a photograph you have taken with a webcam.
  • The photograph must be a good likeness and must have been taken recently (it can be black and white or colour).
  • The photo must show only one person's face.
  • The full face (chin, mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows) must be visible, even if you are wearing something on your head.
  • The head must fill as much of the available space as possible.
  • The photograph must be in focus and must not be too light or too dark.
  • File size: minimum 50 kb, maximum 5 Mb.
  • You are responsible for providing a photograph that is a good likeness and meets the requirements.

How can I create an expenses overview?

Personal OV-chipkaart
Have you registered for My OV-chipkaart and applied for an online transaction overview? If so, you can create an expenses overview as follows:

  • Go to transaction overview in My OV-chipkaart.
  • Log in by entering your username and password.
  • Choose the OV-chipkaart you would like to view the transactions for.
  • Choose the kind of transactions you would like to view (e.g. travel transactions)
  • Choose the period you would like to view the transactions for. Or view the last ten transactions.
  • Click on the 'Show Transactions' button.
  • Select the transactions you would like to include in your expenses overview. You can do this by clicking on the boxes under the words 'declare as expense'.
  • Your checking-out transactions are selected as standard. You can also deselect these, of course.
  • Then click on the PDF button to create your expenses overview.

See also the explanation and example of an online transaction overview (pdf, Dutch)

Creating an annual overview for the Dutch Tax Administration or an employer after 1 March
We recommend that you create an annual overview for the previous year after 1 March. Sometimes operators send transactions later, which may mean you are still missing transactions before 1 March.

Anonymous OV-chipkaart

You can view the last ten transactions and the current balance on your OV-chipkaart at:

  • a sales device for the public transport company you travelled with
  • a counter for the public transport company you travelled with

At most sales devices you can also print a receipt for purchase of a product or credit. You can use this receipt to declare your travel expenses.

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What could be the reason my online transaction overview is incorrect?


  • You will be able to see your transactions from 14.00 on the day after you travelled.
  • The transactions you are looking for may have been made before you applied for the online transaction overview. The overview only shows the transactions made after the time of your application.
  • From the time of your application, a maximum of 18 months of transaction history will be stored. Apply now for online overview.
  • You privacy settings are not yet set so that you can see all locations ('Location protected' notification). This setting applies to all cards for which you are the cardholder and/or account holder. If you give permission for the account holder of your OV-chipkaart to view your transactions, the account holder can choose whether stops, stations and product names are displayed.
  • We have not yet received all your transactions from the public transport company you travelled with. If the stop name or name of the travel product (e.g. a pass) is incorrect, we recommend that you contact your public transport company.
  • You have created an account holder account rather than a cardholder account. Due to privacy laws, an account holder will only be able to see credit transactions if the cardholder has given permission for this. You can do this in privacysettings.

I can't log in to My OV-chipkaart. What should I do?

There may be various explanations for not being able to log in. The most common causes are:

  • You do not yet have access to My OV-chipkaart. It is very easy to register a My OV-chipkaartaccount.
  • You have forgotten your login details. You can retrieve your username or password.
  • You left a space after your username when registering your account. Add a space after your username when logging in as well.
  • You have entered incorrect login details three times within three days. In this case your account will be temporarily blocked. After 24 hours you will be able to log in again.
  • You have entered incorrect login details six times within three days. In this case your account will be temporarily blocked. After 72 hours you will be able to log in again.
  • You cannot log in due to a fault or due to maintenance. Read more about faults and maintenance.
  • You have attempted to retrieve your username or password, but this has been sent to an old/incorrect email address. First delete your account and then re-register for My OV-chipkaart. You can do this as follows:
    1. Phone OV-chipkaart Customer Services on 0900-0980 (€0.10 per minute) and ask a member of staff to delete your account.
    2. Register a new account with your new email address as soon as possible. Do this preferably on the same day, to avoid any gaps in your transaction overview.
    3. Re-apply for an online transaction overview. From this time on you will be able to view your transaction overview again. Your travel details up to the time you deleted your account will have been retained.

If you are still unable to log in, please contact OV-chipkaart Customer Services on 0900-0980 (€0.10 per minute). They will be happy to assist you.

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Voorbeeld van sticker op metropoortje met 'alleen OV-chipkaart'

Forgot to check out? Payment failed?

You did not check out. Because the card reader was not working or you forgot, for example. In this case your travel costs will not be calculated correctly as your remaining boarding fare will not be returned. You will therefore have paid too much. It can also mean that a payment at a machine has failed. In all cases you can request for a refund at the public transport company.

Request for a refund