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Is your OV-chipkaart lost or stolen?

If you have a My OV-chipkaart account, you can block your OV-chipkaart and apply for a replacement quickly and easily. You will receive your new OV-chipkaart within three working days on average and will then be able to travel again. Please have your Dutch bank account number to hand for your credit refund and to pay for your replacement card. A replacement card costs € 11.

How does travel with the OV-chipkaart work?

In order to travel, you will need to load credit onto the card or use a travel product, such as a season ticket for commuting or a discount product for off-peak travel.
You must always check in and out with an OV-chipkaart. At the start of your journey, hold your card against the screen on a gate or card reader. At the end of your journey, or when you transfer to another mode of transport or a different operator, hold your card against the screen on a gate or card reader. 

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Will your OV-chipkaart be expiring soon?

If your card will expire within six weeks, you can apply for a new card or terminate your old card. You can request a refund for your remaining credit. If you apply for a new card, you will need a digital photograph and you will pay using iDEAL. The new card costs € 7.50.

I can't log in to My OV-chipkaart. What should I do?

There are various reasons why you may be unable to log in. The most common causes are:

  • You have forgotten your login details. You can retrieve your username or password.
  • You have entered incorrect login details three times within three days. In this case your account will be temporarily blocked. After 24 hours you will be able to log in again.
  • You have entered incorrect login details six times within three days. In this case your account will be temporarily blocked. After 72 hours you will be able to log in again.

What is Automatic reload?

Want to be sure you always have enough credit? Don't want to queue for the pick-up device any more? Want an overview of your travel expenses? All of this is possible with automatic reloading. The must-have addition to every passenger's OV-chipkaart. Apply for it online now. You will pay € 0.01 as a one-off authorisation.

Why do I have to pay for an OV-chipkaart?

Making an OV-chipkaart involves material and production costs, just like a bank card or driving licence.

Another reason is the fact that the card provides you with access to an electronic payment system. Just like at a bank. In the case of the OV-chipkaart, you pay a single card price. You do not pay an annual fee, like you often would for a bank card or credit card. A personal OV-chipkaart is valid for five years, an anonymous OV-chipkaart is valid for four to five years. This card price also covers management and maintenance for five years' use of the OV-chipkaart (such as automatic reloading, reporting a card lost/stolen and changes of address).

Public transport companies set the price of the OV-chipkaart. This is set at €7.50, but public transport companies can determine the price they charge themselves. We recommend that you keep an eye on the offers.

A VAT rate of 6% applies to the OV-chipkaart.

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Voorbeeld van sticker op metropoortje met 'alleen OV-chipkaart'

Forgot to check out? Payment failed?

You did not check out. Because the card reader was not working or you forgot, for example. In this case your travel costs will not be calculated correctly as your remaining boarding fare will not be returned. You will therefore have paid too much. It can also mean that a payment at a machine has failed. In all cases you can request for a refund at the public transport company.

Request for a refund