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An OV-chipkaart is valid for five years. After that you can no longer travel with it. You can renew a personal card online for €7.50 via your OV-chip account. You will then receive a new card containing your subscriptions and products. Don't need a new card? You can also only request a refund of your balance. Anonymous cards cannot be renewed: you use up the balance or request it back.

Personal OV-chipkaart

You can renew the card via your account from six weeks before your card expires until one year after the end date. You will receive the remaining balance within 15 days after the end date of your card. If you don't need a new card, you can also just reclaim the balance. You will then receive the remaining balance immediately.

Renew of reclaim balance

  • Log in via the button below;
  • Select your card;
  • Make your choice (renew or just refund the balance);
  • Are you renewing your card? Then make sure you have a digital photo at hand;
  • You will receive your new card within six business days;
  • You will receive your balance within 15 days after the end date.

    Do you not have an account? Create one or use the form (pdf). Renewing via the form costs € 10.50 ( € 7.50 + € 3 administration costs).

Anonymous OV-chipkaart

You cannot renew an anonymous card. You can of course request a refund of the balance on the card.

Reclaim balance

  • Is your balance less than €50? Then request your balance online.
  • Is your balance more than €50? Fill out this form and send your card to us.

    Tip: keep your card details (card number and end date) safe. You need this if you have a question about a card.

Subscription or travel product

If you still have a valid subscription or travel product on your old card, we will transfer this subscription or travel product to your replacement card.

Automatic reloading

If you had automatic reloading on your old card, we will transfer automatic reloading to your replacement card. When you check in for the first time, the card will immediately be automatically reloaded.

No new personal card?

Subscriptions are not terminated automatically. Terminate these yourself with your carrier.