Kilometer fare

With the OV-chipkaart, the cost of public transport is calculated in the same way for everyone: If you travel 1 kilometer you will pay for 1 kilometre. The current zone system is disadvantageous for some passengers, since the location of the zone border increases the cost of their journey. But some passengers also benefit from an advantageous location of a zone border. The price per kilometer removes this difference. 

Kilometer fare

There is no fixed, national kilometer fare. This means that at present, travel can be cheaper in one region than in another.

The age discount (4 to 11 and 65+) offers 34% off the kilometer fare. This automatic discount does not apply to travel by train. You will find further information on the kilometer fare in your region on the website for your public transport company.

Would you like to calculate the cost of your journey in advance?

Are you travelling on credit? You can calculate your costs of your journey in advance on the websites for a number of public transport companies.

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