Boarding fare and basic fare

When you travel on credit, a boarding fare will be debited from your card when you check in. When you check out, the boarding fare will be refunded and you will be charged for the number of kilometres you travelled. If you do not check out, you will pay the full boarding fare.

How much is the boarding fare?

The current boarding fares are listed below. You will not be able to travel if you have negative credit on your card. You can order credit online.

Bus, metro and tram Train (NS) Train (Syntus) and bus (Qliner Arriva)
Anonymous card € 4 € 20 € 10
Personal card € 4 € 20 € 10
Personal card with Voordeeluren, Weekend Vrij, Dal Vrij, Dal Voordeel of Altijd Voordeel € 4 € 10 € 10
Altijd Vrij en Kids Vrij None

Basic fare

The basic fare is the fare you pay when using public transport, also referred to as the boarding fare or fixed fare. With NS and a number of other rail operators, the basic fare is included in the minimum fare. 

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How much is the basic fare?

The national basic fare for 2020 is € 0,98. The age discount (4 to 11 and 65+) offers 34% off the basic fare. This automatic discount does not apply to travel by train.

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