Price list

Purchase price

The recommended price for an OV-chipkaart is € 7,50. Public transport companies can decide the prices they charge passengers themselves. Look for special prices with your public transport company. 

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Validity of the OV-chipkaart

A personal OV-chipkaart is valid for five years. An anonymous OV-chipkaart is valid for four to five years. After this time your card will expire and you will need to replace the card.

The card's five-year lifespan has been determined on the basis of the expected thermal, electrical and mechanical 'durability' of the material the card is made from, in combination with normal use of the card. Normal use refers to careful use, as with all (bank) cards. The five-year validity is also determined by the safety requirements for the OV-chipkaart. 

Cost of credit refund in the case of termination (card has already expired) Cost of credit refund at public transport company counter Cost of replacing an expired card
Personal OV-chipkaart Free of charge Free of charge if card is valid for less than six weeks € 7,50
Anonymous OV-chipkaart Free of charge Free of charge if card is valid for less than six weeks € 7,50

Credit refund for expired OV-chipkaart

Replacement card

The cost of a replacement OV-chipkaart in the case of loss, theft, change of personal details or a technical defect is decided by the vendor offering the card (e.g. a public transport company). Prices may vary.

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Loading credit or a travel product at a device or public transport company counter is free of charge. You may be charged to use a debit card or credit card to pay a small amount (e.g. under € 10), however. There is no charge for automatic reload.

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Refund of credit on your OV-chipkaart

Refund of your balance is possible if your balance is € 0 or more. At the counters of public transport companies you can reclaim your balance up to € 30. If your balance is more than € 30, you will need to termininate your card to get a refund. You pay no fees.

Terminate OV-chipkaart

Costs of failed debit

If it has not been possible to collect the amount for automatic reloading or the cost for a new OV-chipkaart, you will receive a letter or email. This will ask you to pay the debt. If you do not transfer the amount owed to us within 14 days, Translink has the right, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, to charge a fee for this. At present, the administration fee for a failed collection for automatic reloading is € 2,50. The administration fee for a failed collection for the cost of an OV-chipkaart is € 4,50.

If you do not transfer the amount owed within 14 days, you will receive another letter. You then have another 14 days to pay the outstanding amount and administration fee. If you do not do this, Translink will refer your debt to the debt-collection agency Intrum. This agency will charge extra fees, which will be added to your debt (€ 40). If this concerns a failed collection for automatic reloading, we will also temporarily block the credit on the OV-chipkaart. Once the matter has been referred to the debt-collection agency, Translink can no longer answer your questions on your outstanding debt. You can then contact the debt-collection agency.

Credit and interest

The minimum credit permitted on an OV-chipkaart is € 0. The maximum credit is € 150. No interest is applied to the credit on your OV-chipkaart.

Travel products

For information on the prices of travel products you can contact your public transport company.

Travel costs

See Pay per kilometre and Boarding and basic fare.