Travelling with NS

NS has various passes and travel products you can use to travel with a discount. You can use the pass selector to see which pass fits you best. Or load pre-paid travel on your card at a NS device at the station. Next load credit on your card and you are ready to travel.

Select NS subscription

Select a NS subscription that suits you best through the website of NS (new window).

Pre-paid travel with NS

To travel on credit with NS using your OV-chipkaart, you will need to go to an NS card device with your personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart. Here you will need to do the following:

  • go to a NS card device;
  • hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader with the pink OV-chipkaart logo;
  • choose 'Load other products'; 
  • choose the option 'pre-paid travel without NS-subscription';
  • indicate whether you wish to travel in first or second class and follow further instructions on the device.

Your card is now ready for use with NS. You can only travel if you have sufficient credit for the boarding fare. This fare is €10 for passengers with an NS pass and €20 for other passengers.

OV-chipkaarts valid with NS

The following OV-chipkaarts are valid with NS:

  • Personal OV-chipkaart with 'pre-paid travel with NS'
  • Personal OV-chipkaart with an NS pass or Student Travel product
  • Anonymous OV-chipkaart with  'pre-paid travel with NS'

See also

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