There is no separate OV-chipkaart for tourists. As a tourist you will purchase an anonymous OV-chipkaart or a disposable OV-chipkaart. You will purchase either card at the counter for a public transport company, the device at the station, at a newsagent or at a supermarket.

Purchasing an OV-chipkaart

You can choose between an anonymous card and a disposable chip card.

Use Explanation
Anonymous card Suitable for more than a day or longer distances Plastic card with travel products or credit. The suggested retail price is € 7.50
Disposable card Suitable for single use or for a short period The card is loaded with a travel product valid for a limited period, such as one week of travel. A disposable card usually works out more expensive.

Either card is purchased at a counter or device, at airports, at stations and at newsagents or supermarkets. You can also purchase a disposable card on the tram and/or bus. Sales points are indicated by the pink OV-chipkaart logo. Find a salespoint nearby your location in the Netherlands.

Load card before you travel

Before you can travel you need to load credit onto the card. You can do this at a counter or device. The payment options differ at different devices. Be aware that not every device accepts credit cards.

What to do when you leave?

An anonymous card is valid for five years. You can keep the card to use it again. The credit will also remain valid. Or you can get the left-over credit back at a public transport company counter. If you wish to terminate the card, please request a form from the counter. Complete the form fully and post this along with the card to the address given on the form. 

24 hour-ticket

It is also possible to buy a 24 hour-ticket. This dayticket works like an OV-chipkaart and is valid for the entire public transport network in Amsterdam. You can buy this ticket at GVB, EBS and Connexxion.

Staying in the Netherlands for a longer period?

If you will be staying in the Netherlands for a longer period, you can also apply for a personal OV-chipkaart. You can then add a pass to this and you will receive an automatic age discount. If you live in Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg, you can apply for a personal OV-chipkaart online. This card will then be sent to your home address. If you live in another country, you can purchase an application package for € 10.50, at an RET, Arriva or Connexxion counter. You can use this package to apply for a personal OV-chipkaart. The OV-chipkaart can then be sent to an address in the Netherlands, such as your hotel.